Friday, March 2, 2012

What Came Next...

Well, I ended my last post with, "Can't wait to see what today brings!" Oh, what the day brought...
I can see now that God was truly preparing my heart when I made my decision to give up complaining for lent and begin this list. He knew that a storm was coming, and I would need to count every miracle He provided us. So, here is my list.

2-28: Both my parents were physically unharmed from the fire that destroyed our home this night. My parents were surrounded by loving neighbors, showered with support and love.
2-29: I was able to get off work and fly home to be with my family.
3-1: God answered our prayers, although differently than expected, and allowed us to find 2 of our 3 cats and lay them to rest. In finding them, we were able to know that they died of smoke inhalation, therefore they fell asleep quickly and painlessly. This is a comfort greater than I can explain. I got to say goodbye to my precious cat, my baby Lucy, tell her how greatly I have and always will love her, and let her go to God.
Today, 3-2: We have managed to finish clearing the rooms, without yet finding our kitten Munch. This leaves us with a glimmer of hope. If any of the cats had a chance of escaping, he had the best. Being the little rascal he is, he was constantly darting out the door outside any time we opened it. My mom left the front door wide open when she ran from the house, praying they would follow. We are praying his furry face comes around soon.

Although our home is destroyed and we have lost precious furry members of our family, God is sovereign. He is bringing to light how many truly good people there are in the world, showing just how loved my amazing parents are by their community. Did God send the fire? No. But He prepared our hearts, has us tightly wrapped in His hands, and will bring us closer to Him. We have been received miracle after miracle, from things as wonderful as finding my mom's wedding ring, to the mere fact that we've been able to laugh on occasion. We will be appreciating every miracle and blessing that comes our way. Our faith will not waiver in this trial. As my brother so beautifully said, the Smith family burns brighter than any fire.

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