Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Weeks Worth of Positives

Well this last week has continued to be a struggle naturally....but I'm still doing my best to seek out blessings daily. I've struggled in thinking that to find positive things, I must also be peppy, up-beat and cheery...when in reality lately forcing that demeanor has just lowered my mood.
I've been out at the house less which has been a positive thing. I realized it doesn't necessarily get easier being there like I originally thought; instead you just grow numb or immune to it. Being at the house is so emotionally draining, mainly because you can't stop yourself from constantly searching the fields for a furry face. I can be in the middle of a conversation, only to realize my eyes are trained on the horizon, barely taking in what's being said to me. It's horrible not knowing. Especially with the sudden arrival of this rainy, wintry weather, it's been even more apparent how desperate we become for answers. I'd even be okay knowing some other family has taken Munch in, loving and caring for him. I just want to believe he is somewhere warm and cozy, out of this unfamiliar world. Back to my goal of finding positives...

March 2- I got to see my Little Jordan, from Sigma, and it was great to spend time and be able to mourn with her.
March 3- my beloved best friend Kaitlyn came out to the house to see me and the family. She was able to take in the house, help us sort pictures with my cousin Kim, before taking r for a much needing break in Denton. We spent the night at her parents house and it was wonderful to see my second family.
March 4- although I slept through too much of my visit with kaitlyn and her family, it was incredible to sneak a nap in.
March 5- an old roommate Jessie came to take me shopping for the day- the shopping itself was tiring but the company was much needed!
March 6- I seem to have lost this day in my memory for the time being?
March 7- not only did I get to see my grandma for lunch, I got to witness my best friend Kaitlyn getting engaged! That was a desperately needed joyous occasion. I also got to see many sigma sisters afterwards which warmed my heart.
March 8- got to spend time with Travis and Elisabeth, (and kitties phoebe and Tobias!)
March 9- day didn't go exactly as planned overall after suffering vertigo and a severe allergy attack, but I did get to have a yummy sushi lunch with Kaitlyn and spend time with my pledge sister Lauren :)
March 10, today- I've spent today recuperating, laying in bed reading the hunger games trilogy.

Every day is a new day

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