Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My First Few Days

Since this is mainly for me to keep track of and be able to look back on, I'm not too concerned about this being super eloquent, haha. Here's to enjoying the small things in life!

2-25: I didn't have to wait long at the doctor office, which was a great relief. I also worked my first stage show, Dream Along with Mickey, and absolutely loved it! I got to see and hear the performance all day and it remained magical, even by the 6th showing. I went home with the lyrics on repeat in my brain.

2-26: Even though it rained on and off, I got to work with Chip & Dale, who are some of my favorite characters. They are so fun to work with and the day just flies by. Enjoyed a dinner out with some of the roommates too!

2-27: I got phenomenal feedback at work AND got to hold 2 super cute babies, making their parents happy as well :) I also got to spend the evening hanging out with my ridiculously fun and crazy roommates.

Can't wait to see what today brings!

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