Friday, October 12, 2012

A Bit Behind...

Well, I got a solid week in of positives and blogging and then, suddenly, 6 months have passed and I haven't touched this thing. In a way, that in itself confirms what I previously wrote, about how God was truly preparing my heart for what was coming and how I needed to be in the habit of finding something positive in every day.

Luckily, what brought me back to this was that I've been having such a fantastic last few days that it reminded me that this blog still was floating around somewhere. I think it's been a combination of things: the new fall weather, discovering amazing new musical artists, good days at work, etc.

I'm thankful for today. I was sent home from work early, which was a wonderful surprise, and then treated myself to a movie! After reading so much online about Pitch Perfect, I got to enjoy it today and it was just the perfect addition to my week! While watching the movie, I kept thinking how I couldn't wait for the movie to come out on DVD so I could watch it again.  I think that's the mark of a good movie.

There's more I could write, but the main purpose I had here today was just to remember a good day, and to remind myself to begin seeking out the small, wonderful parts of life again.

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